Our fleet of Iron is ready to work!

Winninger Excavating, Inc. specializes in excavation, grading, and underground utilities. We use state of the art equipment, including GPS, to guarantee you receive the accuracy you deserve. We employ some of the best Local 150 operators in the business to run our fleet of heavy equipment ranging from large excavators, scrapers, to compaction equipment. We run a fleet of modern and meticulously maintained equipment to be sure your project comes in ahead of schedule and on budget every time.At Winninger Excavating, Inc. we utilize the latest Leica technology for full machine control and GPS layout. From breaking ground to final inspection, Leica’s leading-edge construction solutions give us the tools to be more efficient, improve our accuracy, and better manage our data, machines, and crews. We also utilize the latest versions of Agtek and B2W software. This means you receive unparalleled accuracy and production out of every aspect of the job. We also deploy drones for weekly quantity verification, and this allows us to give our clients accurate as built drawings upon completion of any project.

Some of our excavating services include:

  • Mass Earthwork
  • Overburden Removal
  • Rock Breaking
  • Pad Conversations
  • Pond Excavation
  • Fine Grading